Mar 21, 2011

SodaStream's One to One Program Donates Funds to The Water Project

Funds will help provide clean water wells for developing countries

SodaStream Intl. Ltd. announced the launch of its One to One partnership with The Water Project Inc., a non-profit organization helping to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people by building water wells to supply clean, safe drinking water in developing communities.

The One to One project is a global SodaStream initiative whereby a portion of the proceeds from participating soda maker sales will be donated towards the building of water wells in Kenya. The donation from each soda maker sold will help supply one person in Kenya with clean drinking water for at least one year, the company said.

"As a company committed to improving the environment and living conditions through the use of fresh tap water, we are honored to participate in such an important project," said Daniel Birnbaum, CEO of SodaStream. "Water is the source of life and sustenance on many levels, and we were impressed by how The Water Project organization found a creative and successful way to address the urgent problems of water scarcity in Africa."

SodaStream is working in cooperation with The Water Project to build hand-pumped safe water wells at primary and secondary schools in Western Kenya. Each new freshwater well directly benefits an average of 200 to 400 students, as well as the surrounding community. When properly maintained, these wells can last up to a decade or more.

"SodaStream's offer to help these schoolchildren and their villages will literally change lives," said Peter Chasse, president and founder of The Water Project. "We appreciate the generosity and enthusiasm that SodaStream has exhibited and hope that they set an example for others to follow."