Ion Exchange Resins

Water Treatment

Residential Water Treatment: From the Cave to the Suburbs

March 7, 2007
About the author: Jerry Horner, CWS-VI, CI, is vice president of sales and technical support for Topway Global, Inc. He can be reached at 714.255.7999, or by e-mail at jerry@tgipure...
Water Treatment

Regenerable Media: Can it be Certified?

Nov. 30, 2006
About the author: Tom Palkon, CWS-VI, is director of product certification for the Water Quality Association. He can be reached at 630.505.0160, or by e-mail at [email protected]...

Benefiting From a Lead/Lag Configuration

Nov. 1, 2006
Simple technique provides safety and economic advantages for POU/POE systems

Going the Extra Mile for Quality

Aug. 28, 2006
About the author: Francis Boodoo is technical sales manager for The Purolite Co. He can be reached at 610.668.9090, or by e-mail at [email protected]. Among beverages, bottled...

Resin Regeneration Fundamentals

April 1, 2006
Regeneration procedures and guidelines for softeners and two-bed deionizers