Scale Deposit Control Solution Receives EPA Registration

Aug. 7, 2013
Clearitas 350 and 450 can be used as primary disinfectants in commercial water treatment

Blue Earth Labs has been granted U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) disinfectant registration (EPA Reg. No. 87437-1) for two versions of its core patented product, Clearitas, for use as standalone disinfectants to clean commercial water distribution systems. EPA registration of these product versions, Clearitas 350 and Clearitas 450, proves their effectiveness at eradicating harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and other antibiotic-resistant bacteria — all pathogens commonly harbored where scale and biofilm deposits have been allowed to accumulate in building water systems. Currently, Blue Earth Labs offers the only EPA-registered scale control solution that may be used as a primary disinfectant.

With this EPA registration, product versions 350 and 450 of Clearitas, an electrochemically produced form of chlorine in a high-oxidative state designed to attack the biofilm and scale that adhere to pipe walls and other wetted surfaces, can be utilized as the only source of chlorine to clean and maintain a commercial water system. The oxidizing properties allow for active breakdown of the polysaccharide layer that shields biofilms from traditional disinfectants like chlorine. With fast-acting results, Clearitas removes the anchor sites for bacteria and prevents future biological growth in the water system with continued use. EPA determined that the disinfectant strength of these product versions enables them to additionally be used as hard surface disinfectants.

EPA conducted extensive research on the products, which included a full battery of independent lab testing performed in EPA-approved labs. After the disinfectant efficacy was thoroughly examined, EPA determined that both product versions achieve the highest level of bacterial disinfection.

Requiring only a standard chlorine pump, Clearitas is a flexible, cost-effective disinfectant that is applied as quickly and effortlessly as chlorine, requiring no additional training. As an NSF 60-certified, non-hazardous scale control solution, Clearitas is safe for drinking water and improves overall water quality. Other product versions require a primary disinfectant like chlorine to be dosed in addition to the application of Clearitas.

Specifically formulated for legionella prevention, Clearitas 350 is used by hospitals and long-term healthcare facilities in remediating Legionella and other waterborne pathogens and preventing future occurrences by removing the scale and biofilm that harbor pathogens. The product actively inhibits future Legionella growth, disrupting the environment in which it thrives, improving the likelihood that every point of use — faucets, showerheads, drains, water fountains, etc. — dispenses clean, safe water.

Clearitas 450, approved for use as a primary disinfectant in water treatment at food and beverage processing facilities, acts to disrupt the film, residue and scale that attach themselves to wetted surfaces on processing equipment, conveyor belts and sprayers. Thus, it lowers total bacteria counts and microbial contaminants, providing a safer, more sanitary environment for food processing. The product is registered by the NSF Nonfood Compounds Program as safe for use in meat, poultry and other food processing areas.

Source: Blue Earth Labs