New Water Conditioning Rules Take Effect in Minnesota

June 20, 2017
SF 1937 allows commercial installations by water conditioning contractors

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton signed into law bill SF 1937, which allows commercial installations by water conditioning contractors beginning Aug. 1. The language of the Water Conditioning Bill was rolled into SF 1937 – the Omnibus Jobs, Commerce, Energy, Labor and Industry, and Employment and Economic Development Appropriations Bill. The terms have been in negotiation for years with the Department of Labor and Industry, the Pipe Trades Assn. and the Minnesota Mechanical Contractors Assn.

The full language of the bill clarifies and improves a number of issues in statutes regarding water conditioning contractors:

  • Installations can be performed in commercial settings when a bypass has been installed by a plumber and piping is 2 in. or less.
  • New employees can work on installations after signing with DLI as “registered unlicensed individuals.” This allows them to get experience and puts them on the way to a Journeymen's License.
  • Clarifies the supervision needed for these new employees.

The bill also will be presented and discussed at the Minnesota Water Quality Assn. (MWQA) Annual Meeting & Conference in October 2017. Dealers are encouraged to know the limitations and the allowances of the new statutes, so that they may operate within the law and educate employees, customers and building officials.

Source: Water Quality Assn.