Ohio Water Softening Project Ahead of Schedule

April 24, 2020

An $11 million project that will help reduce water hardness in Huber Heights is nearly complete

An $11 million project that will help reduce water hardness in Huber Heights, Ohio is almost complete.

The water softening project will be completed two months early, reported the Dayton Daily Rules. Softer water will be available at the beginning of May, reported Huber Heights City Engineer Russ Bergman.

Peterson Construction began work on the water softener and an improved water treatment plant. The water treatment plant also added a new larger generator and a new well. Once the construction is completed, the city’s water will be a little softer than water supplied by the city of Dayton.

The total hardness for the water in Huber Heights is currently around 310 milligrams per liter of calcium carbonate and the city will reduce the hardness to 120 milligrams per liter. The new 6,000 square-foot building will house a nano-filtration system at the beginning of July. 

Residents who already have a water softener installed at their home are advised to turn it off for a month or two once the city’s water softening is up and running. According to the Ohio city, this will allow residents to decide if they want to continue using at home water softeners. 

It will take about a month for the softer water to work its way through the entire system, reported the Dayton Daily News.

The project is being paid for by a loan from the Ohio Water Development Authority and increased water rates. The city had initially estimated that it would take 15 months until Huber Heights’ water would be fully softened, but it took less than 12.

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