Jan 25, 2013

South African Communities to Receive Water Purification Solutions

Quest Water signs memorandum of understanding with Water for Women Foundation

QuestWater Global Inc. a water technology company and developer of the AQUAtap community drinking water station and WEPS water extraction and purification system, announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Water for Women Foundation (WFW Foundation) to deliver water purification solutions to rural communities in southern Africa. The MOU focuses on Quest Water and the WFW Foundation assembling, deploying and operating the company's AQUAtap community drinking water supply and distribution stations in specific geographic locations within South Africa's nine provinces, including the enclave of Lesotho. The intent of the collaboration is to provide pure drinking water to rural communities, including approximately 1,300 rural schools that currently lack a natural supply of clean water.

"Quest Water's AQUAtap community drinking water stations are ideal for regions that lack adequate infrastructure to distribute clean drinking water to remote rural areas. We have been working with local government officials and financing sources to identify water technologies that offer safe and economical solutions while employing the best practices in green technology to bring clean water to those most in need," said Ann Heystek, chairman and founder of the WFW Foundation in South Africa.

The mission of the WFW Foundation is to bring awareness to the plight of women and children in rural areas throughout Africa through education and funding initiatives that bring clean water to prevent life threatening waterborne diseases and enable sustainable agriculture.

"The Water for Women Foundation is the ideal organization for us to partner with. They are committed to finding innovative solutions that purify contaminated water for women and children in rural areas, and have the local and global connections to make their projects happen," said John Balanko, Quest Water Global cofounder and CEO. "Our initial objective is to identify and prioritize several rural schools that are most in need and install customized AQUAtap community drinking water stations commencing in 2013."