Stenner Pump Company

Stenner Pump Company is a manufacturer of peristaltic metering pumps since 1957. CLASSIC SERIES:Fixed output or adjustable output from 5-100%. Outputs up to 40gpd at 100psi and 170gpd at 25psi. BDF SERIES: Programmable, 24 hour or 7 day timer, up to 21 ounces per dose & up to 24 dose per day. SVP SERIES: Variable speed with 20:1 turndown. Optional automatic control via 4-20 mA input signal. M128 SERIES: Proportional, 1 oz of solution to 128 ounces of processs water. STS SERIES: 7.5, 15 & 30 gallon tanks and tank systems. SMS SERIES: Mixers to fit STenner tanks. PROPORTIONAL INJECTION SYSTEM: dosing based on water volume. FLOW INDICATOR:visual reference solution is pumping


3174 DeSalvo Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32246
Phone: 904 641-1666
Fax: 904 642-1012

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stenner pump, peristaltic metering pumps

Stenner Pump Co. Celebrates 60 Years

The Stenner Pump Co. marked its 60th year as a manufacturer of peristaltic metering pumps for the water industry. The company has evolved dramatically since 1957,...
Stenner Pump Company outdoor use

Stenner Upgrades Three Pumps for Outdoor Use

The Stenner Pump Co. announced a product upgrade to three metering pumps in the Econ pump line for outdoor use or wet environments. The pumps have been enhanced...

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