Stepping into the Spotlight

Having an original opinion about water treatment every month is hard in itself, but sharing it with more than 19,000 readers is certainly challenging.

Over the years, I’ve tried my best to keep you up to date on current industry issues and relay new technology developments, trends and regulations that affect the way you do business. I hope you have enjoyed reading my editorial letters, as it has been a pleasure to share my experiences and opinions with you.

As the newly appointed editorial director of Water Quality Products, I will be involved with the direction of the publication and will continue seeing many of you at industry events. But I’m happy to pass the torch of the day-to-day operations of the publication to Water Quality Products’ Managing Editor Stephanie Harris.

Stephanie has been involved behind the scenes for the last three months and is ready to step into the spotlight; moreover, I am confident she will continue to engage you and deliver strong editorial content. Please join me in welcoming Stephanie aboard as she takes the reins starting with the September issue of Water Quality Products.

Thank you for your continued support and helping me feel a part of this industry.

It’s been a pleasure!

- Neda Simeonova


In the Spotlight

I am thrilled to be a part of the Water Quality Products team and the water treatment industry. I look forward to delivering up-to-date news and information that is important to you.

It seems to be a good time to dive into this industry with the issues that have been in the spotlight as of late and all of the industry events on the horizon. From the debate surrounding the use of water softeners in onsite wastewater treatment systems to the effect of the increased duty on carbon imports, there is a lot to talk about.

Bottled water has been in the center of media controversy this summer, facing harsh criticism from environmental activists. As a reaction to this criticism, cities across the country such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Ann Arbor, Mich., have been developing policies prohibiting the purchase of bottled water with city funds. In Chicago, Mayor Richard M. Daley verbally endorsed a recent proposal to place a tax of up to 25 cents on the cost of every bottle of water sold in the city.

Despite these recent actions, the fact remains that Americans are choosing bottled water as a healthy alternative to other beverages such as soft drinks or alcohol. In 2006 alone, 8.25 billion gal of bottled water were sold in the U.S., making it the No. 2 beverage behind soft drinks.

Not to mention, bottled water containers are 100% recyclable.

This year’s International Bottled Water Association Convention and Tabletop Trade Show in Las Vegas, Oct. 15 to 19, will address these issues and the importance of bottled water.

“A Place to Learn” is the show’s theme this year, and it will certainly be just that. At the show, take the opportunity to attend some of the educational sessions that will be offered so that you are better able to decipher between fact and fiction in the media and are prepared to respond to bottled water critics in your area. Also, don’t forget to introduce yourself to me—I look forward to meeting many of you there.

- Stephanie Harris

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