Stevens Water Monitoring Systems Appoints Larry Secrest as President

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc., a supplier of water monitoring equipment and services, has named Larry Secrest as its president.

Secrest, a member of Stevens' board of directors, and former chief executive officer of HydroLab and several other technology-based instrumentation companies, will take charge of Stevens' daily operations. Former president Scott South will remain on as chief executive officer, focusing on the company's technology and strategic positioning.

"Stevens has developed an exciting array of new products that will make water data acquisition simpler and faster," said Scott South, chief executive officer, Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc. "Larry's extensive background in instrumentation technology and management make him a great fit to help drive sales and build on Stevens' long history and reputation as a leader in water monitoring solutions."

Prior to joining Stevens, Secrest served as chairman, chief executive officer and president of HydroLab and Scientific Measurement Systems. He also served in management capacities at Lear Siegler Inc. and the Ford Motor Company. Secrest has consulted for numerous companies including Johnson & Johnson, Colt, Lear, Fairbanks, Deloitte, Cooper Industries, Hays-Hill, Neurosystems, Texas Instruments, Purolator and a range of governmental organizations. He was an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin and a visiting professor at Keio University in Tokyo.

He received a Ph.D. in business and public affairs from the University of Texas, an MBA from the Wharton School, and a bachelor's degree from Tulane University.

Stevens' new products include the Shark RS232/RS484 serial adapter with Bluetooth wireless technology for environmental and industrial use; the DOT data logger, designed specifically for telemetry applications (remote transmission of site data); and the Hydra Probe II, an innovative all-in-one soil sensor that provides various measurements including moisture, salinity and temperature for golf course, vineyard, and agricultural use as well as for climatological studies and other research applications.

Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.

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