Sep 01, 2011

Stimulus-Funded MIEX System Improving Water Quality on Washington Coast

World's largest pressurized MIEX System now fully operational at Ocean Shores water treatment plant in Wash.

With $6 million in funds provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), this year the city of Ocean Shores, Wash. is enjoying cleaner drinking water thanks to the new Shallow Aquifer Water Treatment Plant.

The 2 MGD MIEX System at the Ocean Shores plant began operating in the spring of 2011 and is the world’s largest pressurized MIEX System installation. The technology was selected after pilot testing by engineering consultant firm Brown and Caldwell confirmed it as the most cost effective means of removing dissolved organic carbon from the city’s groundwater source and reducing disinfection by-product formation in the treated water. A pressurized configuration was also chosen for compatibility with greensand filters in use at the plant for iron and manganese removal.

Ocean Shores mayor Garland French is pleased with the city’s improved water quality and with the rapid project delivery. “Receiving ARRA funding for the water treatment plant was a major benefit to our city, but it also came with an aggressive schedule and documentation requirements,” said French. “Orica Watercare (manufacturer of MIEX Systems) worked with the city and Brown and Caldwell to provide the required documentation and meet all deadlines from start to finish. We are happy to be providing our citizens and visitors with improved drinking water quality and taste.”