Stormwater Solutions Lead WWD's February Issue

The staff at Water & Wastes Digest, known for more than 40 years as the product news source of the water/wastewater field, has provided a wealth of information in its February 2003 issue, recently mailed to nearly 100,000 subscribers.

A wide variety of very concise, TDD-friendly (Time Deficit Disorder) product writeups are presented throughout February's 58-page issue, with enhanced emphasis in three areas: sludge dewatering/handling, data acquisition systems, and stormwater products. Topics to be covered in the March and April issues include separators, valves, pipe, pumps, probes/sensors, and meters.

Stormwater case studies kick off the February issue of Digest. In "County Installs Stormwater Monitoring With Real-time Reporting," Gustavo Diaz describes how an Atlanta-based construction company decided to go with a newer, web-enabled system to obtain samples automatically from remote locations. The newer system, which also generates real-time reports, was chosen after project engineers implemented it along with a traditional system for a trial run – allowing them to compare results and operational efficiencies between both types of units.

February's second case study explains how stormwater engineering software was used during the recent Lincoln Memorial area rehabilitation project. The system model originally created for system analysis then became the base model for the design work.

"Heavy Duty Drainage Pumps Rescue Stormwater Flooded Quarry" completes February’s coverage on this topic, with a brief look at how two 94hp submersible dewatering pumps were able to drain turbulent, overflowing stormwater to save a limestone quarry from extensive equipment damage caused by severe flooding.

A recent reader survey revealed that readers look forward to each issue's case studies (appearing in both the Products In Action and the Problem Solvers sections of WWD) as an interesting way to learn how others in their industry have tackled tough situtions and come out on top. An even wider selection of Problem Solvers can be found at

For further information on Water & Wastes Digest, visit or email [email protected]. To obtain a media kit, which includes the editorial calendar and advertising information, email [email protected] or phone 480-941-0510.

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