Sunspring Purification System Earns GE Healthymagination Validation

IWT system has helped produce clean drinking water for Haiti earthquake victims

Innovative Water Technologies Inc.’s (IWT) Sunspring water purification system has received GE’s healthymagination validation, according to third party Oxford Analytica. According to the company, this validation is an important step forward for IWT in its efforts to provide solutions for clean, safe drinking water to people around the globe. By including the Sunspring as the first non-GE Healthcare validated product, it is also an important step in GE’s commitment to create better health for more people.

“Safe drinking water is critical in establishing and maintaining healthy populations around the world,” said Jack E. Barker, president of IWT and inventor of the Sunspring. “It’s very exciting for all of us to think about the difference we can make for so many people worldwide, and we’re looking forward to partnering with GE.”

“A critical element of healthymagination is partnership with like-minded companies,” said Trajan Bayly, director of healthymagination. “Sunspring is a powerful IWT innovation built in concert with GE innovation. Healthymagination validation is a testament to the benefits of IWT’s product. We are honored to celebrate this achievement with them.”

IWT integrates state-of-the-art technologies into the Sunspring from partners such as Pentair, a joint venture partially owned by GE Water & Process Technologies. Through this relationship, the Sunspring was identified as a candidate for healthymagination validation in 2009. The Sunspring has since received validation from Oxford Analytica’s Consulting Practice, the third party responsible for validating healthymagination products according to their measurable achievements in the areas of cost, quality and access.

In the last year, IWT and GE worked together to provide relief in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Since the earthquake, the GE Foundation has purchased 12 Sunspring units for relief efforts. The units have been producing clean, safe drinking water for thousands of Haitians and relief workers, and many of the units have moved from emergency camps to become permanent fixtures in orphanages, schools, hospitals and villages.

Introduced in 2007, the Sunspring currently is producing safe drinking water in eight countries around the world, and is ideal for immediate, short-, mid- and long-term water solutions. Because the Sunspring will process up to 5,000 gal per day for up to ten years, it is economical, with a cost as low as $.0013 per gallon. Beyond GE’s healthymagination validation, the Sunspring is the only decentralized solar water plant in the world that is Water Quality Assn. Gold Seal Certified to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Standard for microbiological water purifiers.

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