Apr 14, 2016

Sustainable Water's Commitment to the White House Water Summit Initiative

$500 million investment develops 50 eco-engineered water reclamation systems

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The White House recently hosted the White House Water Summit to bring awareness to national water stresses and highlight innovative solutions across all sectors to build a secure water future.

Sustainable Water is committing to deploy $500 million in capital to develop 50 eco-engineered, commercial-scale water reclamation and reuse systems across governmental, institutional and commercial market sectors. This commitment is anticipated to save 7.5 billion gal of drinkable water annually in the next 10 years.

“More than 150 external institutions are joining the federal government in announcing new efforts and commitments to enhance the sustainability of water in the U.S. by managing our water resources and infrastructure for the long term,” a factsheet from the White House noted.

Modeled after the WaterHub at Emory University, Sustainable Water’s commitment provides an immediate response to national water stresses, advances research related to distributed water management solutions and provides a platform for community outreach.

For each chosen facility, Sustainable Water will develop a decentralized wastewater reclamation system through a performance-based financing approach. Each system will be custom designed to meet unique aesthetic, flow and process treatment requirements for each site.

Institutions or companies selected to participate will receive turn-key project development and full service facility operations at zero upfront capital expense. Project design will be driven by the following goals: maximizing recycled water use on-site, minimizing wastewater discharge, introducing long-term cost savings for facility operations, and advancing research and development for water reuse.

Sustainable Water is seeking applicants from various industries to ensure a diverse array of market sector representation under this initiative. Sustainable Water is searching for applicants from the following sectors: public or governmental entities, healthcare, research institutions, universities, industrial manufacturing, and commercial developments.

Commercial-scale projects will be selected for participation. Project acceptance will be limited to 10 projects per region (Northwest, Southwest, West, Southeast, and Midwest), and assessed based on the institutions commitment to a sustainable water future.

More information about the application process and applicant qualifications is provided on the Sustainable Water website.