Aug 22, 2014

Swedish Water Tech Company Launches in Mexico

Bluewater partners with top Mexican supplier to catering industry

Swedish water purification technology company Bluewater announced its partnership with Pure Water Technology, a leading supplier to the Mexican catering industry.

Pure Water Technology is the first official distributor of Bluewater’s second-generation reverse osmosis (RO) water purifiers, which remove practically all known contaminants from drinking water.

Bluewater’s North American national sales representative, Arene Guo, who negotiated the agreement on behalf of Bluewater, said the company’s entry into Mexico is a new chapter in its growth in the Americas.

“Less than eight months after we launched in the United States, we are already generating considerable interest in Bluewater’s tap drinking water purification technology beyond America’s borders,” Guo said.

Pure Water Technology will be importing Bluewater’s mid-range Spirit and high-end Pro models, which harness Bluewater's SuperiorOsmosis technology. This technology is designed to generate clean water 24 hours a day as and when required, using little energy and slashing the water wastage commonly associated with traditional RO systems.