Tactical Water Purification Systems Provide Water for Last Mission of U.S. Army’s MASH Unit

One of Task Force Angola’s MEDFLAG 2005 objectives in Africa was to install a large water pump in the town of Ambriz that would effectively double the town’s water supply

The last Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) in the U.S. Army recently pitched its tents in Angola, Africa for exercise MEDFLAG 2005. Task Force Angola’s MEDFLAG 2005 objectives were to install a large water pump in the town of Ambriz that would effectively double the town’s water supply, establish and certify a hospital, deliver the first Humanitarian Assistance Program and provide crisis-response training with Angolan military members.

Included in the 212th MASH Unit’s support team was the U.S. Air Force’s 86th Contingency Response Group, which kept the entire camp’s water running throughout the whole exercise. The 86th CRG provided drinking, shower and laundry water for the task force by purifying the local seawater using the TECWAR PROTM 3000 Portable Reverse Osmosis Tactical Water Purification System.

The difficult terrain and the logistical layout proved little challenge to the waterdawgs of the 86th CRG, who were able to adapt and maximize the specific and unique capabilities of the TECWAR PROTM System. Their expertise enabled them to produce thousands of gallons of potable water from the ocean. The reason such a large amount of water was produced from seawater was because in addition to potable supplies, the purified water was also used to support laundry and showers for the base camp. The seawater processed through TerraGroup’s PROTM 3000 Unit was tested and in compliance with the drinking water standards listed in the U.S. Military’s water regulation: TB MED 577.

The PROTM 3000’s lightweight design, ease of use, transportability, operational footprint and performance demonstrated its value as the ultimate lightweight water purifier in the tactical class. The PROTM 3000 Unit provided troops the confidence that high-quality water for drinking, shower and laundry purposes can be produced from any water source anywhere in the world.

TerraGroup Corp.

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