Taking Care of Beaver Fever

Cottage Retreat Provides Pure, Safe Water for Everyone

George and Connie Scott could be described as pretty typical
retirees. They spend their winters at their home in Ridgeway, Ontario, busy
with friends and family, traveling a little and looking forward to the day when
the snow is off the ground and they can open their beloved cottage for another
season. And, like most cottagers, for the past 24 years they have taken water
directly from the lake to use in their water system while having to lug in
gallons of drinking water from local municipalities.

“We’ve always managed our water needs this way
and never really worried too much,” explains Connie. “It was when
we were on our way to the Cottage Show with friends who had recently put in an
under-the-counter filtration system that we realized we’re putting our family—especially
our seven grandchildren, at risk for waterborne illness. I knew we had to do

The Scotts’ cottage is located on Buckskin Lake
between Bancroft and Halliburton, Ontario, an area prized for its small, clear
lakes and rugged terrain. The property boasts a large beachfront that is great
for kids and adults alike for swimming and boating. Unfortunately, according to
George, the beachfront also is enjoyed by a rather large group of beavers that
have a penchant for using it as a water closet. As their droppings are washed
away into the lake, so too are the Giardia bugs they carry with them. Ingestion
of Giardia causes what is affectionately known as “Beaver Fever” or
Giardiasis, a rather painful gastro-intestinal illness.

Being very concerned about contracting Beaver Fever, Connie
was determined to find the most powerful water filtration system available for
their cottage. That’s when she met Phil from UV Pure Technologies.

“I was
extremely impressed with the way Phil explained the application and
effectiveness of ultraviolet radiation for water purification. When he showed
me the differences between conventional UV systems and UV Pure’s
products, I was sold,” notes Connie. “There really was no other

They decided to select the Hallett System with Crossfire
Technology. “Connie really put her foot down,” chuckles George.
“She was adamant about the increased effectiveness of the UV radiation
due to the two UV lamps, the “window washer” effect of the quartz
cleaning mechanism and the built-in sensors, ensuring that when the system is
on, it’s working. We bought the Hallett on the spot.”

A Hallett 13 System for residential use was installed at the
Scott cottage in Ma, 2002, making it the first UV Pure system to be used in a
seasonal environment. The system was installed with a 5 micron filter at the
front of the system to eliminate sediment in the water. Right behind that a 10
micron charcoal filter was put in place to take out chemicals and provide
better taste to the water after it went through the UV filtration process.

Unknown to the Scotts, Buckskin Lake has a very small type
of bio-film bacteria that, when sucked through the water system, clogged up the
charcoal filter, resulting in decreased water pressure and the Hallett turning
itself off. Because the Hallett system can be configured and reconfigured to
match the requirements of any particular water source, the bio-film problem was
resolved by placing the charcoal filter behind the UV filter. It turned out
that the Crossfire Technology not only provided 100 percent effectiveness in
purifying the water, it also broke up the bio-film and prevented it from
clogging the filter.

According to George, “We’ve never had a problem
with the system (since the change was made); it works beautifully. In fact
we’ve enjoyed the experience of working directly with Ron Hallett, the
founder and inventor of the system, as a kind of test environment. We kept logs
and shared our information directly with him so that these external problems
could be identified and eliminated for future cottagers installing the

George and Connie are delighted with their Hallett 13 from
UV Pure. They have had the water tested many times over the course of the
summer and found it to be “just fine.” They both highly recommend
the system for cottages and homes where water safety is a concern.

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