Ultra-Low-Pressure RO Membranes

Aug. 25, 2011

When it comes to conserving energy and providing efficient operation in a reverse osmosis (RO) system, the use of low-energy membranes can significantly enhance performance and reduce costs. While typical tap water membrane elements operate in the 150 to 225 psi range, AXEON HF5 Membrane Elements operate at a low applied pressure of 80 psi, resulting in more energy savings.

AXEON HF5 Membrane Elements are the only elements on the market that provide all the benefits of a standard low-energy RO membrane while offering even lower operation costs. AXEON’s proprietary design allows the HF5 membranes to be one of the best choices to counter the negative effects of cold water temperatures on RO permeate water production. In warmer temperatures, the HF5 series offers increased production, high rejection rates and low energy consumption.

AXEON HF5 Membrane Elements feature the industry standard 4-in.-diameter form factor, making them a direct replacement for factory membranes in many commercial and light industrial RO systems. As a result, HF5 membranes are an easy way to upgrade and enhance the performance of almost any tap water RO system. Beyond their upgrade potential for existing RO equipment, HF5 series membranes are featured as optional equipment on all new AXEON RO systems.

To learn more about HF5 Series Reverse Osmosis Membranes, as well AXEON’s other complete lines of manufactured membrane elements, RO systems, pressure vessels and instrumentation, contact AXEON Water Technologies at 800.320.4074 or visit www.axeonwater.com .