Single-Tank Filters Include Pumpless Media Bed Cleansing Technology

Oct. 2, 2013

Using the advanced Clearion controls’ feature of forward and reverse motor capability, the 360 P Series single-tank filter can replenish its Oxy Chamber every night without having to backwash, saving hundreds of gallons of water each week. Fully adjustable cycles, along with Vortech tank technology, ensure the entire media bed is backwashed to the fullest, leaving no collected iron or sulfur contaminants behind. The series includes the industry-first “pumpless” Oxyclean injection of chlorine or peroxide for bed cleansing and control of iron and sulfur bacteria with the optional feed tank. This cycle is ready to use and easily activated in the main menu. No feed pumps, control boxes or flow switches are needed – it is all done in the proprietary valve head that carries a seven-year limited warranty.