Mini-Rack Systems Combine Pretreatment & UV Disinfection

July 6, 2016

Ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection is an affordable, environmentally friendly technology that can help to ensure the safety of a water supply. UV light disrupts the ability of the DNA of bacteria and viruses to replicate, rendering them safe to drink. Unlike chemical disinfection, UV water disinfection products generate no harmful disinfection byproducts, nor do they affect the mineral content or alter the taste of the treated water. UV water disinfection is effective against 99.99% of bacteria and viruses, as well as Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts, which are resistant to chlorine.

In order for UV disinfection systems to function properly, water must meet basic quality requirements, necessitating the installation of pre-filtration. UVDynamics Mini-Rack Systems combine this prefiltration and UV disinfection in one easy-to-install system.

• Choose from ten UV disinfection systems with flow rates ranging from 6 to 20 gpm.
• Add up to three filter housings available in two styles and sizes (10-in. or 20-in.).
• Reversible mounting bracket eases installation.
• ¼-in. drain plug for winterization.
• ¾-in. MNPT porting.
• Certified stainless steel interconnects.
• Filter housings certified to NSF standards for structural integrity and material safety.

UVDynamics Mini-Rack Systems speed installation, are easy to service and provide lasting value. They are suitable for homes, cottages and treating harvested rainwater.

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