CHC System Combats Biological Growth

Sept. 1, 2015

EcoWater’s CHC, through the use of controlled hydrodynamic cavitation, offers an environmentally friendly water treatment technology used in HVAC, process cooling and refrigeration systems to effectively control scale, biological growth—including Legionella—and corrosion without the use of chemicals. It offers a proven solution for maximizing equipment operating efficiency, safety and reliability via its multi-patented water treatment system.

The kinetic energy and localized temperature associated with the CHC technology precipitates calcium carbonate (CaCO3) out of solution to form non-sticking colloidal crystals. The crystals are then filtered out of the water stream. This patented process creates cleaner heat transfer surfaces and increases the cycles of concentration in order to save money, save on maintenance costs and prolong the life of the cooling tower or process cooling equipment.

EcoWater chemical-free CHC treatment systems create extreme pressures and temperatures, which physically destroy bacteria and biologics, including Legionella.   Microbes and bacteria can develop resistance to traditional chemicals, requiring constant adjustment of treatment methodology. There are no such worries with CHC—bacteria cannot adapt to having their bodies ripped apart.

Also, EcoWater CHC is the only non-chemical technology that is compliant with the United Kingdom’s L-8 Legionella standard, which is widely considered to be the most stringent such standard in the world.

EcoWater CHC does not rely on chemicals to provide excellent water treatment. Because the blow-down from an EcoWater CHC-treated system is chemical-free, it may be reused for a number of non-potable applications—such as irrigation, green roofs and landscape ponds—or simply discharged to storm drains to avoid sewer charges.

The cleanliness of an EcoWater CHC-treated system is due to its self-cleaning filters that eliminate the need to change media, bags or cartridges and saves the user money and time.