Single-Tank Aeration Filter Uses Ozone Technology to Remove Iron & Sulfur Bacteria

May 11, 2015

Clearion Water Technologies has introduced the Sidekick single-tank aeration filter with Ozone Complete. The Sidekick is ideal for trouble water, including iron, manganese and sulfur. The Sidekick features the industry’s first single-tank aeration filter with the control valve separated from the filter tank. Over the years, those experienced with using air induction filters have seen what iron and sulfur can do to the internal movable parts of control valves. The result is costly and reduces the life of the control valve and serviceable parts.

The Sidekick prevents oxidation from taking place within the control valve and will keep all movable parts free of heavy buildup. 

The Ozone Complete features an ozone generator with an electronic air dryer, all in one case. When iron and sulfur bacteria is present, the Ozone Complete installs with the Sidekick single-tank aeration filter to eliminate bacteria buildup within the mineral tank and the 360 Series control valve. The electronic air dryer feature is essential to pulling out all humidity from various climate conditions and allowing the generator to properly produce ozone.