UV Solution Can Be Adjusted to Target Specific Organisms

Feb. 17, 2016

Watts SmartStream UV is a new solution for ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection in residential and commercial applications. UV disinfection is highly effective in inactivating cysts, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Those organisms, if ingested, could lead to serious illness and even death.

The SmartStream UV system disinfects water using a UV light with a special lamp. When water containing harmful microorganisms is exposed to UV light, the microorganisms’ genetic material is disrupted. This process quickly inactivates microorganisms by destroying their ability to multiply and infect.

SmartStream provides several advanced capabilities, including:

  • automatic lamp dimming, which promotes energy savings;
  • automatic lamp identification (wireless RFID), which ensures correct lamp energy management to maximize lamp output. Lamp replacement is required only once a year;
  • a touch-screen display (on select models) that significantly enhances usability. It includes three languages—English, French and Spanish—and other languages can be added; and
  • a communications port for future Internet access applications.

The effectiveness of UV disinfection depends on the UV dose delivered. Inactivating different organisms require different dose levels. SmartStream can be set to suit the targeted organism by adjusting the system's flow rate.

SmartStream requires no contact with toxic chemicals and creates no harmful disinfection byproducts. Applications include drinking water, agriculture, aquaculture, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, residential, dairies, electronics/semiconductors, food and beverage, breweries and bottling plants. It is designed and assembled in the U.S. exclusively by Watts and can be combined with other Watts water quality products for complete solutions. 




May 29, 2018