Arsenic Reduction Systems Remove Contaminants Safely & Efficiently

Nov. 20, 2013

LayneRT adsorption media is the core component of Nelsen’s arsenic reduction systems. It is a proprietary, durable, arsenic-selective media developed for efficiency and longevity. It is a reliable, high-capacity technology that effectively reduces arsenic to safe levels without wasting water or sending any wastewater back into the environment through the drain.

The arsenic reduction systems also feature the Nelsen 7000PID arsenic reduction control valve. This valve is a non-backwashing controller programmed for the specific water chemistry of each installation. It indicates the capacity of system and the remaining safe levels of media adsorption.

These arsenic reduction systems do not require connection to sewer or septic. The systems do no waste water, and exhausted media is nonhazardous and passes the Toxicity Characteristics Leaching Procedure.

The systems’ display features three warning lights and an alarm. The green light indicates there is power going to the system. The yellow light indicates the system is at 20% capacity remaining, and the red light that the system is at 10% capacity remaining, when arsenic can begin to creep through the system. The alarm sounds when the system is at 0% capacity remaining, meaning arsenic will pass through the system.