Whole-House Water Filters Operate at Point of Entry

July 23, 2015

H2O International’s Inline (IL) Whole-House series of water filters is the ideal filtration solution for a business or large home. Instead of filtering water at the faucet or another point of use, the IL whole-house systems filter water at the point of entry, ensuring that all the water entering the home or building is safe and clean. 

Home and business owners not only are concerned about the water in their drinking glasses, but also wish to prepare their food, wash their dishes and bathe with quality water. The five-stage purification system of the IL filters produces water that meets this need by removing chlorine and other chemical compounds that are commonly found in municipal water. The improvement in the taste, color and scent of the water is noticeably better.

Each of the six IL systems has a 5-micron pre-filter that effectively removes sediment. In the tank, the water passes through KDF media, a 5-micron filter, granular activated carbon and gravel before it passes through a 1-micron post-filter, resulting in high-quality water that is suitable for any purpose.

The lifespan of the IL filters ranges from 150,000 to 750,000 gal, depending on the model. They vary in weight from 26 to 70 lb with proportional ratios of media. The IL7A and IL9A models include an automatic backwash valve to rinse the content of the tank, which prolongs the life of the media. Email [email protected] to request additional information about the IL series or one of H2O’s other filtration products.