Media Reduces Sediment in Filtration Systems

Nov. 6, 2015

Watts Micro Z media is designed to reduce sediment in automatic backwashing filtration systems for better performance and easier maintenance.

Watts filtration systems for sediment utilize high-performance Micro Z filter media to provide increased loading capability and enhanced service flow rates. Micro Z’s zeolite structure of­fers increased porosity to outperform conventional sand, anthracite and multimedia filters. This structure allows Micro Z to achieve 3- to 5-micron nominal particle size reduction and service flow rates of up to 20 gpm/sq ft.

Because the need to back­wash is dramatically reduced, the Micro Z automatic backwashing solution reduces water consumption. Micro Z is a single-media replacement for multiple types of media—including anthracite, sand and garnet—which saves on shipping costs and eliminates questions about which media goes in the tank first.




May 29, 2018