Non-Electric Chlorinator Provides Chemical Injection Into Drinking Water

Nov. 4, 2016

Dosatron’s new D14WL2NAF non-electric chlorinator is designed for accurate and reliable chemical injection of sodium or calcium hypochlorite into drinking water. It has a maximum water flow capacity of 14 gal per minute and is externally adjustable from 1:500 (0.25 oz per gal) to 1:50 (2.5 oz per gal). The NSF-certified water line dosing pump is hydraulically activated with water flow and provides consistent, repeatable output, regardless of changes in the flow or pressure. It is simple to install and requires minimal maintenance. Only high-performance materials are used in the construction, which provides millions of cycles.

These units have a 12-month warranty and are supported by a team of sales and service professionals.

Dosatron has provided non-electric proportional chemical dispensers for more than 40 years. Its technology is trusted in drinking water treatment, agricultural, animal health and industrial applications.