Jun 05, 2013

TEL Venture Capital Invests in MIOX Corp.

TEL Venture invests in patented technology for water recycling and reuse in microelectronics industry

Miox Corp  TEL Venture Capital Inc. Water Recycle Reuse Microelectronics

MIOX Corp. announced a strategic investment by TEL Venture Capital Inc., the corporate investment arm of Japanese semiconductor capital equipment manufacturer Tokyo Electron Ltd. This marks the first investment by an Asia-based investor in MIOX.

The TEL investment complements grants awarded to MIOX by the National Science Foundation (NSF) targeted toward the pursuit of coupling MIOX’s core onsite oxidant generation technology with ultraviolet photolysis in an effort to provide a powerful and cost-effective water remediation process. MIOX is a venture capital-backed water technology company focused on onsite chemical generation. Its current investors include DCM, Sierra Ventures, Flywheel Ventures and Schlumberger Ltd.

While investment in clean tech as a whole has declined since 2011, investment in water technology by corporate venture capitalists continues to grow. According to market research firm Cleantech Group, water and wastewater investments increased 34% between 2011 and 2012 to $355 million across 65 deals. Analysts at Artemis Water Strategy have observed corporate strategic investors, family offices and private equity firms increasing their investment in water technologies over the last two years. Corporate VCs view new technologies for water management as a critical strategic advantage to improving their bottom line.