Terms & Conditions

Publishing of SGC Content to Websites:

Due to copyright considerations we do not allow companies to post our content to their websites. We do,
however, allow for links from their website to the article. There are several conditions that need to be
• The headline/title, byline, magazine name, month and year of issue need to be present;
• An abstract of the article may appear but not the full article;
• SGC will provide the linking URL for the article; and
• SGC reserves the right to review the context of the article and to withdraw our permission for a

Any company may link to articles or news items on our website at no charge if they follow our terms
and conditions listed above. No company, or author, may reproduce our content and house it on their
website. We need to create a unique item for them to use if they are to put it on their website.

All PDFs and/or reprints of articles, news items, cases or any other SGC content are to be passed through
our reprint coordinator prior to their being sent to the third party. This applies whether we are giving a
PDF to an article’s author or selling a reprint to an advertiser or other third party.

We have instituted control procedures to ensure our copyright protection. Please keep in mind that any
content item without the proper control/tracking number will be considered in violation of our copyright
and we do not want to place our clients or authors into a bad position.