Oct 18, 2011

Testing Organizations Announce Strategic Market Access Alliance

Agreement between UL, Kiwa provides streamlined certification of plumbing products in global market

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) announced a strategic alliance with independent certification organization Kiwa to offer streamlined testing and certification of plumbing products across North America and Europe. The agreement offers UL and Kiwa customers simplified testing processes and certification standards across continents for plastic pipe, faucets, pipe fittings, rubber seals and various other plumbing products.

“Access to Kiwa’s sophisticated testing facilities provides UL with new capabilities for testing plumbing products abroad,” said Hank Lambert, general manager of UL Global Water and Food Businesses. “By accepting Kiwa testing reports for certification, UL is streamlining the global certification process, making it easier and more economical for manufacturers to reach both North American and European markets.”

Plumbing industry manufacturers who take advantage of this alliance will benefit from UL and Kiwa’s combined global reach and breadth of certification capabilities. Combining the most stringent testing requirements in North America and parts of Europe, the alliance eliminates the costly and redundant certification and surveillance procedures currently needed for compliance with a patchwork of country-specific regulatory frameworks.

“The alliance offers our clients the opportunity to promote product acceptance across the globe,” said Kiwa CEO Paul Hesselink. “Together with UL, we are now able to better leverage our technical strengths and project management skills to provide a more clear and efficient path to market acceptance throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.”

UL and Kiwa will exhibit together during International Water Week at Aquatech Amsterdam, taking place Nov. 1 to 4, to provide global manufacturers with information on the services and benefits that will be provided through the alliance.