Testing Packages Aid in RO System Design

When considering reverse osmosis (RO) for water treatment, there are several things that should be taken into account. One of the most important things to consider is the quality of the water to be treated. RO is widely used to remove harmful inorganic contaminants; however, due to the limitations and higher operating cost, pretreatment of the water may be necessary. For example, hardness minerals are common in groundwater, and at high levels, pretreating with a softener is often recommended. Additionally, consider that chlorine and chloramine can significantly reduce the life of the membrane and replacement can be costly.  

With the input of membrane manufacturers and water treatment professionals, National Testing Laboratories has developed two testing packages intended to test RO feedwater for proper treatment. Often, these tests also are used to test RO water to ensure removal of certain contaminants. 

First, the company developed the RO Check, which looks for various cations and anions, other inorganic contaminants and physical characteristics. There are a total of 31 parameters in this testing package, including silica, potassium, bicarbonate and carbonate.

Then, with some fine-tuning the company developed the Complete RO Screen, designed to be a complete analysis for RO design. This testing package offers a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of 22 metals, nine other inorganics and 14 other parameters necessary to determine proper RO system design. Due to the nature of RO-produced water, this package was designed to provide lower detection levels. It is also beneficial for other applications that require pure water. New and improved compact packaging will reduce shipping costs.


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