Tetra Tech Expands Water Programs

EPA Provides More Than $17 Million in New Contracts

Tetra Tech, Inc., was awarded more than $17 million in new contracts from the U.S. EPA Office of Water. These three contracts support development of water quality standards and pollution prevention strategies in the United States. All three contracts begin immediately.

Under a five-year $12.2 million contract, Tetra Tech will support the EPA Office of Water to assess and manage risks associated with toxic bioaccumulation of contaminants in surface waters. Tetra Tech will provide a broad range of technical support, including EPA guidance support, scientific methods development, and national assessment of the extent and severity of watershed contamination.

Additionally, under a five-year $3.3 million contract, Tetra Tech will support the EPA Office of Water to develop, revise, and implement ecological criteria for the protection of water quality on a national, state, and site-specific basis. This includes conducting the National Wadeable Streams Assessment under a congressionally mandated initiative to the EPA.

Tetra Tech was also awarded a one-year $1.8 million contract extension to a separate EPA contract to provide technical services for EPA's nationwide animal feeding operations (AFOs), permitting initiatives under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program.

Li-San Hwang, Tetra Tech's CEO, commented, "Tetra Tech has been supporting national clean water programs through the EPA Office of Water for over 20 years. We are pleased to be expanding our technical support to this customer through these latest contracts and look forward to our continued relationship."

Tetra Tech, Inc.

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