Oct 10, 2014

Texas Dental Clinic Uses State-of-the-Art Water Treatment System

The VistaClear filtration system improves water quality in dental offices

Texas Dental Clinic VistaClear Filtration System

Dr. John Hucklebridge, a Plano, Texas, cosmetic dentist with 25 years of dental experience, is using a new water treatment system to provide a cleaner and safer water source for patients.

VistaClear, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved and award-winning filtration system, improves water quality in dental offices and reduces bacterial and chemical contamination for the patient and office equipment.

"VistaClear has become the leading option for dentists who want to provide the safest environment for their patients and staff," said Hucklebridge, who offers Invisalign treatments for adults and teens. "As an oral health professional, it's my job to protect our patients from any possible infections or bacterial threats."

The water treatment system is connected directly to the dental office's main water source and filters the water before it reaches any dental equipment or patient. The system is a cost-effective alternative to individual filtration bottling systems and is low maintenance, with each filter lasting one year to 18 months.

"When patients visit our office for any of our complex procedures like dental implants, we want them to take comfort in knowing we use the highest-quality equipment available to ensure their safety," Hucklebridge said.