Aug 26, 2013

Texas Homeowners to Learn to Be Drought Resistant

Homeowners will be educated on water solutions at The Texas Roundup

Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair Texas

At the 13th annual Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair (The Roundup) David Foster, state director of Clean Water Fund will take on water issues and offer some solutions. Fair goers will find several other speakers and a panel of representatives from universities, land management organizations and business leaders addressing the topic: Saving Water Inside and Outside Your Home and in Your Community. Several businesses will be offering water conservation measures and rainwater harvesting alternatives in their exhibits. The Roundup takes place at Market Square, 126 West Main St. in Fredericksburg, Texas, Sept. 27 to 29, 2013.

Keynote speaker David Foster said, "Texas is in the midst of an unprecedented water crisis, and municipal water demand is projected to surpass agricultural and all other demand by 2060. Outdoor lawn watering is a huge driver of municipal demand. We need to re-think our landscaping practices if we are to manage the water crisis."

Though there has been some rain, evaporation continues to keep Texas in a statewide drought. In many areas lakes and aquifers remain at record low levels. In 2012 Spicewood Beach, Texas ran out of water. In 2010 Houston, San Antonio and Fort Worth made Wall Street Journal's list of the nation's 10 top large cities running out of water. Expecting the best but being prepared for the worst is increasingly necessary for many people in communities across the state.

"Being conservative in our personal and collective water use doesn't have to mean hardship and deprivation," said Russel Smith, executive director, Texas Renewable Energy Industries Assn. "There will be information and technology that supports that statement available in abundance on the Roundup grounds."

Organizers of The Roundup are acutely aware of concerns about continuing drought, stress on finite resources, and challenges to the environment. In response The Roundup offers fairgoers the opportunity to see the latest eco friendly home ideas in action. And they can taste, test, explore and secure a wide range of healthier and self-sufficient lifestyle products and services. Once again people from all regions of the state and beyond, from communities large and small, will converge on Fredericksburg in search of their next step toward creating their more sustainable, energy efficient and secure future.