Tire Plant Improves Efficiency with GE Technology

BFGoodrich facility installed RO system and revamped chemical treatment

The BFGoodrich tire manufacturing plant in Woodburn, Ind., has significantly reduced water and chemical usage while simultaneously increasing efficiency with help from GE’s advanced water chemical technology.

The water supply at the Woodburn facility comes from a well that produces hard water, resulting in the need to chemically treat the water that is used for boiler feedwater in the steam systems. Lower quality water was not allowing the boiler systems to run at optimal levels, thus limiting efficiency and increasing water usage. BFGoodrich turned to GE to help develop a solution using GE’s advanced water technology.

With the installation of a reverse osmosis (RO) system and the proper chemical treatment program, BFGoodrich improved the quality of the boiler make-up water, which allowed for an increase in total boiler cycles, leading to fuel cost savings. The tire manufacturing plant now conserves 9.9 million gal of water annually, reducing the impact on the environment. The company also reduced operating expenses and improved overall safety conditions. These improvements resulted in the facility earning a GE ecomagination Leadership Award.

Other savings included a reduction in steam, as well as an elimination of costs for sludge removal to a landfill and elimination of costs for chemicals such as lime and soda ash. GE’s solution also enabled the Woodburn facility to improve safety conditions by reducing the amount of chemicals needed to treat the boiler water, and increased efficiency of the boilers due to the improved water quality.

In addition to improving operational costs and safety of the Woodburn facility, BFGoodrich’s selection of this technology also was driven by the company’s desire to reduce the plant’s environmental impact.

GE has awarded BFGoodrich an ecomagination Leadership Award to recognize the company for its noteworthy reductions in water consumption, chemicals and waste using GE technology. GE’s ecomagination Leadership Award recognizes the achievements of industrial users that significantly surpass and improve environmental and industrial operational goals while balancing industrial demands.

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