Tom Bruursema Receives WQA Honorary Membership Award

NSF International announced that Tom Bruursema received an honorary membership award for his exceptional service given to the water quality improvement industry and for his support of the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Honorary Member Awards are presented to individuals whose occupation is outside the industry and who have exhibited meritorious contributions to mankind in-or related to-the water industry through research, dedication or exemplary service.

Bruursema was recognized for his participation and involvement with numerous WQA committees, most notably the World Assembly Standards and Regulations Committee and the State Regulatory Coordination Committee. He has worked toward the harmonization of international standards with the countries of Taiwan, China and Japan, facilitated development of conferences in key areas, including HPC Bacteria and use of POU/POE in water utilities and has contributed to other critical issues impacting the industry, including septic tank regulations and state certification regulations.

Bruursema has been with NSF for over 18 years and is currently the General Manager of the NSF Drinking Water Treatment Units Program. He works closely with the POU/POE industry, domestic and international regulatory and health officials, retail buyers, consumer and trade publications. Bruursema is also responsible for consumer products relating to wastewater treatment and served previously as General Manager for NSF Engineering and Research Services.

"NSF has worked closely with the POU/POE industry for over 30 years," said Mark Jost, Senior Vice President, Water Systems. "Tom has strengthened this relationship and has contributed to the success of the industry and to the outstanding accomplishments of the NSF Water Systems Programs."

NSF International

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