Toray Membrane USA Introduces New Product Water Tube

New 1.125-in. product water tube for models of RO, low-pressure bracking membrane elements

Toray Membrane USA has introduced a 1.125-in. product water tube for models of TMG20–400C and TMG20-430C reverse osmosis, low-pressure brackish membrane elements.

“This new product water tube size will provide our customers with the benefit of a common-sized end cap adaptor for membrane replacement and will allow them to pursue competitive RO membrane replacement without the inconvenience of changes in pressure vessel adaptors,” said Lynne Gulizia, RO/NF product line manager of Toray Membrane USA.

Toray will continue to offer the original 1.5-in. product water tube model for replacement of existing elements. Specification sheets can be found on their website,

Toray Membrane USA, Inc.

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