Toray Releases New Software for Reverse Osmosis Process Design

TorayDS is available for free download from the company's website

Toray Industries, Inc., a global membrane manufacturer for water purification and wastewater reclamation, has released new software called TorayDS, a comprehensive RO membrane projection program that allows the user to design an RO system using the company’s membrane. The user interface and reports will provide design engineers with detailed information about the type and quantity of membranes, operating pressure, recovery and product quality.

Features of TorayDS include:
• Complete design process and all key parameters easily controlled from a single main screen;
• Design process and display style match the needs of equipment manufacturers;
• Graphical and text-based performance projection output, including trendlines for performance versus time and temperature;
• Text output in a multitude of languages, and multiple views for detailed performance tracking;
• “Teach Mode” for short learning curve and quick production of required results;
• Extensive, interactive help function for configuration and RO element selection;
• Built-in system design guidelines;
• Multitude of pretreatment options, also for second RO pass; and
• Special, intuitive design screen for complex multipass systems and permeate blending options.

TorayDS is downloadable free from

Toray Membrane USA, Inc.

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