Toronto Standardizes on MWH Soft ArcGIS-Centric Technology for Water Network Modeling

MWH Soft, a global provider of environmental and water resources applications software, announced that the city of Toronto, has standardized on MWH Soft's InfoWater Suite to drive its enterprise-wide geospatial hydraulic modeling effort. This purchase equips Toronto with a full range of high-performance ArcGIS-centric water infrastructure analysis and management capabilities that will enable it to cope adeptly with fast expansion and optimize capital planning, operations and community relations.

The city of Toronto, home to more than 2.5 million people, is the largest of Canada's vibrant urban centers and the hub of its commercial, financial, industrial and cultural life. Toronto Water (TW), the city's water division, has been honored with numerous awards, including the OWWA Award of Excellence in Water Efficiency. TW provides drinking water to Toronto and a major portion of the Region of York through a complex system comprising 5,384 kilometers of distribution mains, 469 kilometers of trunk mains, 52,900 valves, 44,460 hydrants, 18 pump stations, 10 reservoirs, 470,000 service connections and four treatment plants.

Faced with rapid growth and an aging infrastructure (17% of water mains are 80 to 100 years old, and 7% of water mains are over 100 years old), TW estimates future annual capital needs for both water and wastewater will double to more than $500 million by 2008. TW plans to harness the power of InfoWater Suite to continue setting tighter standards within the organization to facilitate better decision-making and more economical operations.

"A growing number of utilities and engineering organizations worldwide are recognizing the unique value of MWH Soft's superior geospatial technology," said Christopher W. Baxter, Ph.D, president of HYDRANNT Consulting in Port Coquitlam, B.C., Canada. "InfoWater is quickly becoming the industry standard because it offers the best all-around geocentric modeling capabilities and delivers the most value and power to its users."

The innovative network modeling technology of the MWH Soft geospatial software suite addresses every facet of water utility infrastructure management, optimization and protection—delivering the highest rate of return in the industry. Built atop ArcGIS, InfoWater Suite seamlessly integrates advanced water distribution network hydraulic, water quality and optimization functionality with the latest generation of industry-leading GIS technology.

"The city of Toronto is well known for its unwavering commitment to providing first-class customer service and protecting the environment,” said Paul F. Boulos, Ph.D, president and COO of MWH Soft. “Its eagerness to leverage the latest technologies speaks volumes about the strategic awareness of its employees and the intensity of their focus on delivering long-term benefits to their customers. We are thrilled that Toronto Water has chosen MWH Soft as its solution partner, and look forward to participating in its continued success."

MWH Soft

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