Town of Pinedale, Wyo., Ultraviolet Disinfection Project

Project Year: 
Sun, 2010-04-04
Pinedale, Wyo.
Garney Wyoming
$3.5 million
10,000 gpm

Pinedale, Wyo., a town of 2,200, was faced with the necessity of treating surface water from nearby Fremont Lake to meet the requirements of the November 2006 EPA UV Guidance Manual for Long Term 2 Surface Water Treatment Rule.  

Work began in May 2010 and the new facility is expected to be operational in February 2011, a month earlier than the expected start-up date of March 2011.
Because Fremont Lake is located within the Bridger Teton National Forest, engineers and project managers faced challenges from multi-layer agency approvals.

The U.S. Forest Service attended all project meetings and carried out inspections, and another project that dovetailed with this one (East Transmission Main project) also had to receive approvals from the Forest Service as well as the Bureau of Land Management.  

“Fremont Lake is a large recreational resource, and [the facility] is right where people offload boats and picnic, so it was sensitive, but things went off without a hitch,” said Eugene Ninnie, P.E., LEED AP, the director of engineering for the project.  

Another unique challenge arose when the team learned it had to complete almost all of the outside work for the facility before Oct. 15, when mule deer migration began.

“We’re very pleased,” Ninnie said. This project, along with the East Transmission Main and West Transmission Main, “will be the major capital improvements for the town for good, clean, reliable water for fire flow and domestic use for the next
30 years.”