Toxic Waste Contaminates Drinking Water

Drinking water in a Wauconda, Ill., subdivision has become
contaminated with a vinyl chloride, a suspected cancer-causing agent, and
residents are demanding the EPA clean up the problem, ABC News reported.

In 2003, residents at the Hillcrest subdivision were of the
contamination, but since then, residents say nothing has been done.

The chemical is believed to have leaked from an abandoned
landfill about a quarter mile away and so far has contaminated the well water
used by as many as 120 homes in the subdivision, ABC News reported.

The landfill in question was designated a toxic waste site
in 1982. Residents blame long-time Congressman Phil Crane for not pressuring
the EPA do clean up the area sooner.

Crane wrote a letter last month to the EPA demanding a
clean-up. He also released a statement that recommended he provision of bottled
water to all residents, ABC News reported.

ABC News

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