Toxins in Toledo

The “do not drink” advisory that affected 500,000 residents of the Toledo, Ohio, metropolitan area over the weekend may have been lifted, but concerns remain – the algae that caused the problem is continuing to bloom in Lake Erie, with experts predicting that lake conditions may worsen in the next month.

The advisory was instigated when the Collins Park water treatment plant found evidence of microcystin, a toxin associated with the blue-green algae currently blooming in Lake Erie, during water testing. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), exposure to this type of toxin can result in abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes and worse. Symptoms can occur whether the water is ingested or comes into contact with skin.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the city of Toledo added chlorine treatment and carbon filtration to reduce the toxin levels. Although the World Health Organization has set a standard for microcystin, neither the state of Ohio nor the U.S. EPA has developed standards for this toxin.

The water was declared safe on Monday, when Mayor D. Michael Collins announced the lifting of the advisory and sipped on a glass of city water to reassure residents it was OK to drink.

The problems may not end there however – the Wall Street Journal cited aquatic ecologist Don Scavia of the University of Michigan’s Graham Sustainability Institute, who noted that the algae bloom that caused the toxin might not peak until September, possibly leading to further water quality issues over the next few months.

Kate Cline is editor-in-chief of WQP. Cline can be reached at [email protected] or 847.391.1007.

Change in thinking resolves most contamination threats

A little change in thinking solves the problem.This story and all the others that are similar, both told and hidden from the public are proof that the responsibility for water quality has been downloaded to the individual.
No water authority can prevent contamination. At best all they can do is monitor then tells us once it’s too late. Some are non-compliant with their own legislation and don’t warn the public at all.
A Boil Water Advisory is treated like a UFO sighting. It simply doesn’t happen.
Our company believes there is a very simple answer to protect the public and all it takes is a simple change in thinking.

Today a water authority takes water from a source, treats it, then delivers it. This offers so many opportunities for continued threat of contamination that people are forced away from their taps. It actually serves to destroy our faith in government. Families spend from $30-$80/month to avoid tap water already.

We’re saving people that money and improving their lives along the way.

Our solution is to remove the threat of distribution contamination entirely by installing multi certified microbiological purifiers at the point of entry to a building.
In doing so, we have now protected the entire building from everything that happens upstream of it. Threat eliminated.

Water main problem. Chlorine problem. Storm knocks out problem. Boil Water Advisory...not for our clients.

The choice of technology will of course determine the level of protection and is a bespoke decision to be made. Our approach now has a provisional patent to ensure our clients have best in class protection.
With this approach its actually saves everyone in the building money and the environment wins and the building is even saving money on operational costs as well.
In this case we only need a water authority as a pumping house not a treatment house. Just imagine all those housing authorities whose water plant is outdated and won’t pass the new LT2 regulations. The utility can’t afford to update so what happens to them? We solve that problem.

This means no more chlorine spills that destroy the environment. Nobody stealing the water because what’s in the line isn’t potable any longer. No more tax increases or water bill increases because we don’t care if the water plant needs to be upgraded all we want is pressure.

Just a little change in thinking can benefit millions of people’s health and their wallets.

Best of all, it’s not a dream either. We’re doing this right now. Its working out so well that systems are being paid for from savings and extra income is being created for apartment owners while savings all occupants money monthly.

Doing the right thing doesn't have to cost you money.
It also doesn't hurt that the environment is a big winner with our approach as well.

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