TRA Reports Wastewater Spill From Walnut Creek Interceptor

The Trinity River Authority experienced a wastewater spill from its Walnut Creek Interceptor that transports wastewater originating in the city of Mansfield to the Authority's Central Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant in Grand Prairie, Texas.

The spill was the result of rainwater entering into the wastewater collection systems of the city and TRA in volumes that exceed the carrying capacity of the Walnut Creek Interceptor. A parallel pipeline that will eliminate such an overflow from occurring is approximately one month from completion.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 gallons of wastewater overflowed from the pipeline into Walnut Creek and subsequently Lake Joe Pool.

While highly undesirable, the flow was diluted in the line before the overflow and was further diluted afterwards. It is not anticipated that the spill will cause any water quality problems and TRA will conduct further remediation of the area of the spill after the rain stops.

The following actions were immediately taken.

* Appropriate local governmental officials have been notified.

* TNRCC regional office has been notified.

* The spill has been contained.

* Increased monitoring of water supply systems has been initiated.

* Clean-up activities are underway/completed.

Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission

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