Transformers Attraction RO System

Project Year: 
Thu, 2012-11-29
Universal City, Calif.
Eversoft Inc.
4.5 gpm

When a major California theme park needed a way to provide high-quality reverse osmosis (RO) water for special effects and 3-D eyeglass washers for its new Transformers attraction in May 2010, it approached Eversoft Inc. to take on the challenge. The project required treating water to reduce total dissolved solids (TDS) to 4 ppm or lower, and creating a way to reclaim final rinse water and reuse it for wash water.

Eversoft offered a variety of solutions, including deionization exchange tanks, but that method proved too costly. Eventually, both parties were able to agree on a solution that utilized Axeon 2,500- and 7,000-gal-per-day RO units that could provide the low TDS required. Eversoft also utilized different methods of filtration and disinfection to reclaim the rinse water for reuse.

Once Eversoft finalized the design and the equipment was ordered, it was a race to the finish line. Although the projected timeline of the project from design phase to startup was one year, contractors discovered that they had only six months to complete the project. When the equipment arrived, construction began moving at a rapid pace, with parameter and design changes occurring simultaneously with production. Due to the design changes, concrete pouring had to be halted so that plumbing could be laid.

At project completion, the parameters were not only met, they were exceeded. Eversoft was able to achieve 1 to 3 ppm total dissolved solids (TDS) from a single-pass RO system, and there has not been a dropoff in performance since the project was completed in September 2011.