Jackson, Mississippi, Experiences Drinking Water Crisis

May 3, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, experienced water issues since winter storms in mid-February, which will be addressed in a May 11 meeting concerning the water system.

Jackson, Mississippi, has been experiencing water issues since winter storms in mid-February.

The city was under a boil notice as a result. Residents experienced low pressure in faucets and in the wake of the boil notice water distribution centers cropped up in the city. 

Jackson went without clean water for nearly a month, according to Good Morning America. 

According to Public Works Director Charles William, water main breaks that occurred complicated the process of getting water to residents, reported Good Morning America.

Governor Secures Tankers to Help with Jackson Mississippi Water Crisis

Gov. Tate Reeves suggested a state takeover of Jackson's water system and tweeted that he secured tankers to provide non potable water to residents. The Mississippi National Guard was activated as well to assist Jackson during the crisis.

According to a water sample taken Feb. 23, 2021, the water showed turbidity levels greater than 1.0 turbidity units, which is above the standard of 0.30 turbidity units, according to the city’s website.

According to Williams, the water system was still stabilizing and pressure was near ideal levels Feb. 28, but those levels had fallen. This was short-lived and the city once more began to experience low water pressure, with more than 10,000 water customers not having any water, reported USA Today. 

Aging infrastructure was the main reason for failure, added Williams.

The Water System Business Administration announced it would offer Jackson residents a chance to have their bills adjusted if storm damage caused a lack of water or broken pipes, reported USA Today.

Additionally, The Department of Health and the EPA inspected the city’s two water treatment plants, O.B. Curtis and J.H. Fewell, on Feb. 3, 2020 and found numerous violations of federal regulations governing clean drinking water.

Federal officials will address the Jackson City Council at a May 11 meeting concerning Jackson’s water system, reported The Northside Sun.

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