New York City Approved to Supply Unfiltered Drinking Water

The DEP attributes their high-quality water to protection of the watersheds that supply to the NYC

New York City gets water filtration waiver

The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) received a 10-year waiver to continue delivering unfiltered drinking water from two upstate reservoir systems—the Catskill and Delaware reservoirs. According the the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), New York City is one of only five large U.S. municipalities to receive a Filtration Avoidance Determination (FAD) waiver including Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Boston. 

The city attributes its high-quality water to rigorous protection of watersheds. “Since the city received its first filtration waiver in the early 1900s, we have protected open space around our reservoirs, invested in wastewater upgrades, forged partnerships with watershed farmers, and focused considerable attention on the forests, streams and wetlands that comprise the natural infrastructure of our water supply,” said DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza.

Currently, the city employees approximately 6,000 people to monitor and maintain the city’s water sources. The waiver is contingent on efforts to maintain the quality of the reservoirs through continued protection and advocacy for the watersheds.