Apr 24, 2018

New York State Denies Pipeline Water Quality Certification

The state has denied water quality certification to the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, due to an incomplete application

water quality certification denied to natural gas pipeline

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has denied water quality certification to the Northeast Supply Enhancement Project. The proposed project would include the installation of approximately 14.4 miles of 26-in. diameter natural gas pipeline that would traverse New York state waters. DEC claimed the application was incomplete and that they were not able to evaluate the application properly with the provided information.

The Northeast Supply Enhancement Project, an expansion of the Transcontinental Gas Pipeline, is expected to submit a more detailed application following the rejection. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the application did not include a final environmental impact statement.

While the rejection was rooted in procedural reasons, an incomplete application, DEC noted concerns regarding the pipeline’s potential impact on water quality.

“Based on the Department’s initial review of the available information regarding the Raritan Bay Loop portion of the Project, the construction of the Project could have significant water quality impacts in New York state,” DEC’s rejection said.

According to Natural Gas Intelligence, this marks the fourth denial by DEC for a water quality certification application for a natural gas pipeline project, including the Constitution Pipeline, Northern Access expansion project, and the Valley Lateral project.