Water Treatment

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Groundwater Treatment

Saint-Gobain to provide rebates for New Hampshire point-of-entry PFAS treatment

May 30, 2023
Homeowners in some contaminated areas of New Hampshire will be eligible for a rebate that pays up to $5,000 for the previous installation of point-of-entry PFAS treatment.
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Photo and caption by Kylie Van Hoesen, MD, courtesy Elsevier.
An experimental setup with Nalgene bottles, plastic water bottles, and a plastic bag placed on a reflective tarp exposed to the sunlight during a lower-altitude trial.
Professional Certification

Building Trust

July 6, 2021
The Water Quality Association (WQA) has developed a code of ethics that outlines standards of conduct for industry members in how they deal with customers, other dealers, members...
Product Testing & Certification

Laboratory Testing: Certification and Sampling Protocols

May 25, 2021
Laboratory Testing: Certification and Sampling Protocols
gI_106475_Peroxone UF Systems for Bottled Water

Hydrogen Peroxide-Ozone System Removes Contaminants From Water

May 18, 2021
Water purification system removes contaminants from well and surface waters using hydrogen peroxide, ozone and UF technologies
Water Vending Machines

Water Vending is Here to Stay

April 6, 2021
About the author: Larry M. Eils is the senior director of technical services for the National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), located in Chicago. NAMA is the trade...
Carbon Blocks

Carbon Block Manufacturing

March 2, 2021
About the author: Michael D. Steinhardt is the director of engineering at USFilter. For more information on USFilter and water treatment, visit www.usfilter.com. Michael D, Steinhardt...