Nov 02, 2010

Trinity Springs Announces Company Sale

Bottled water company is available for acquisition

Trinity Springs Ltd., bottler of Trinity Springs bottled water, announced today that it would offer for sale the company and all of its assets. According to Trinity Springs, it is the only bottled water to have outsold well-known brands such as Evian and Fiji in the U.S. premium bottled water market.

The Idaho-based company is one of the few geothermal waters bottled in the U.S. The 16,000-year-old alkaline water is so pure it has been used as a standard for chemical analysis by laboratories throughout the country. The Fresenius Institute of Germany has certified the water as a natural healing water.

Trinity Springs Ltd. began operations in 1990, and over the next 14 years it conducted technical studies, obtained necessary water rights and permits, constructed a state-of-the-art bottling facility at the source of the water, obtained certifications of its water by all 50 states and four countries and sold nationwide. The company also began sales in Japan and Korea.

Trinity Springs maintains a Global ISO registration and certification and currently has a permit from the state of Idaho to bottle 258 million gal per year, which can be increased.

The company will be sold in the form of a sale of stock or sale of assets.

WaterBank and its CEO, Dr. William Turner, have been retained to assist in the disposition of the company. For more information, visit