TriSep Receives International Aquatech Innovation Award

TriSep Corp., was recently awarded the prestigious International Aquatech Innovation Award (IAIA) at Aquatech 2004 in Amsterdam.

The award was given for the company's development of SpiraSep, a spiral wound, immersed ultrafiltration membrane process.

An independent jury consisting of experts from industry, research institutes and government authorities assessed entries in terms of not only their innovative nature, but also their practical applicability, social relevance, and the extent to which they integrate between the potable, process and wastewater sectors of the water industry.

According to the jury, "TriSep has developed a spiral wound ultrafiltration membrane module which combines a number of innovations. First of all, the spiral wound membrane configuration results in a number of technical and economic benefits. It is a handy, robust module whose spiral plant structure gives sound membrane-substrate bonding and eliminates the possibility of breakage at the base of the membrane. Second, the backflushing and aeration scrubbing of the membrane prevent fouling.

"Finally, the combination of these elements with underpressure enables high permeate fluxes to be achieved, thereby greatly increasing the yield. This results in more compact and cheaper designs, which makes it more likely the system can be operated economically."


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