Trojan Selected For Groundbreaking Project For Municipal Drinking Water Disinfection

Trojan UVSwift System In Seattle To Be The Largest Municipal Drinking Water UV Installation In The World

Trojan Technologies Inc. announced that the company has been selected for a significant project to supply a drinking water disinfection system to the City of Seattle.

The project, valued at approximately C$3 million, includes a total of thirteen Trojan UVSwift units designed to treat up to 180 million gallons per day of drinking water. The contract will be awarded by CH2MHILL Constructors, Inc., which was awarded a contract by Seattle Public Utilities ("SPU") in April 2001, for the design, permitting, construction, and long-term facility operation for the City of Seattle's Cedar Treatment Facility DBO Project. The Cedar Treatment Facility will treat approximately two-thirds of the City's current water supply, serving a population of 1.3 million people. The design-build-operate ("DBO") contract for the Cedar Treatment Facility represents the first large municipal drinking water plant in the United States to use ultraviolet light in conjunction with ozone for disinfection purposes and will be the largest UV disinfection system in the world treating municipal drinking water.

The UV system will be installed in conjunction with other planned improvements that comprise Seattle Public Utilities' Cedar Treatment Facility DBO Project on their Cedar River water supply. The objective of the overall project is to build upon SPU's existing multiple barrier approach to providing reliable public health protection and enhance the water quality relative to taste and odour. The Trojan UVSwift(TM) will be able to provide inactivation of a wide range of human pathogens including bacteria and viruses as well as protozoa.

An extensive review process involving other major UV manufacturers was undertaken by CH2M HILL to select the UV supplier for the Cedar River Project. The evaluation process examined factors such as each supplier's technical knowledge and expertise related to UV disinfection, technology offerings, and initial capital and operation costs. Utilizing these criteria, Trojan was chosen as the supplier of choice for this project.

CH2MHILL Representative, Scott Trusler, design manager said, "The Trojan UVSwift system was selected for this project due to its compact footprint, advanced control features, and after extensive validation testing that has been conducted on the system which in combination best met the DBO project objectives for the Cedar Treatment Facility DBO Project."

"Trojan is very pleased to have been selected for this contract as it represents the largest Municipal Drinking Water Installation in the world," said Marvin DeVries, executive vice president for Trojan Technologies. The Cedar River project is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the advanced features and overall reliability of the Trojan UVSwift(TM). This award confirms that Trojan UVSwift is an efficient and effective solution for the needs of the City. We are confident that there will be a very significant market opportunity as municipalities in North America implement multi-barrier disinfection strategies for their drinking water supplies."

The system is scheduled to become operational in 2004; installation work of the UV equipment will start in mid-2003.

Trojan Technologies, Inc.

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